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B'Canti Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Ashram is located in the beautiful beach town of Varkala, Kerala, India. The ashram offers natural treatments and yoga to patients. The ashram is a part of the leading property in Varkala - B'Canti Boutique Beach Resort, which offers experiential stays to its customers. Book your stay at the resort and avail the benefits of the ashram. We look forward to hosting you!

Resort Stay

Experience a luxury ayurvedic retreat while undergoing treatments at our ashram. All rooms have the comforts of modern amenities to ensure a enjoyable stay. There are three room categories available at B'Canti Boutique Beach Resort:

Deluxe Room

Super Deluxe Room

Superior Sea View Room


Nothing beats beachfront meals at The Bait & Hook: Seaside Restaurant. Specific meals will be assigned by our doctor as per dietary and treatment requirements during consultations. Our chefs wip-up exclusive traditional and multi-cuisine meals catered to your needs. An Ayurvedic diet that aligns with your Dosha is key for effective results.

B'Canti Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Ashram

T: 0470-2663166

M: +91-9846445000

E: info@bcantiwellnessashram.com

Sree Eight, Edava,

Varkala, Kerala 695311, India

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